Welcome to my personal website

I provide services of Digital sculpting and 3D modeling in standard 3d formats used by companies or individuals for production purposes: 3D-printing, CNC machining, minting, laser engraving.


  • Characters 3D design
    (humans, animals, birds etc.)
  • 3D Models for Toys prodution
    (Statues, Figurines and Action Figures)
  • Trophies and Awards 3D design
    (sports trophies, corporate awards, medals and medallions)
  • Jewelry 3D design
    (sports trophies, corporate awards, medals and medallions)
  • Souvenirs and Giftware 3D design
    (figurines, mascots, fridge magnets, metal coins, tourist souvenirs etc.)
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Services I provide

Digital Sculpting

Sculptures, busts and bas-reliefs for production purposes

Product Design

3D CAD modeling for product design and manufacturing

3D Character Design

Characters design for games, 3D animation and rendering

Awards & Recognition

Trophies, awards, pins, medals, medallions design from the scratch

Jewelry Design

Custom jewelry design of pendants, rings etc. combined organic and CAD modeling

Souvenirs and Giftware

Digital Sculpture for Statues, Miniature Figurines, Action Figures and 3D Printing